What #amreading ?

I think every bookworm, like myself, has or will have at some point that one name, character, thing, just anything, they will automatically relate to certain book. For me it's a bumblebee (bee)! It will always and forever remind me of one book character. Everytime I see something BEE related, picture, accessories, clothing item (yes,... Continue Reading →

Why do we bother? ‘Amazon fail’

That day you realise that you voice or opinion doesn't matter anymore! I think most of us heard by now about Amazon 'playing their own game' and removing customer reviews and using their poor review policy to back it up! So today I've read an article that opened my eyes even more to the dirty... Continue Reading →

Blast from the past

That feeling one picture can give you, memory you forgot you had. Mostly just seeing cassette tapes, floppy disks or anything technical throws me right back into those times when I used to use them or seen them last. Sometimes it's just a smell you haven't smelt for years or piece of music that hasn't... Continue Reading →

C’mon! Put on your positive pants!

Suffocating with all the negativity around me at the moment! We all love occasional moan or rant and I'm no different but I learnt over time that with big fat grin on your face and happy attitude, world is a lot brighter place! I wake up every morning and welcome every day with a smile.... Continue Reading →

Tourist in NYC

There must be hundreds if not thousands of articles about how to be or not to be a tourist in NYC. You can find list of stuff what to do to blend in and what to avoid so you won't piss Newyorkers off. I'm walking around NYC the second day now and I'm in love... Continue Reading →

Chick’s off to NYC

Counting from 86 days down to 0... Few hours in economy class and I'll be landing in NYC! I couldn't be more excited! After years of dreaming about this trip, months of waiting to book it and several weeks of planning I'm actually flying to Big Apple, where all dreams are made and some come... Continue Reading →

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