Book Review: Closer Than You Think by Darren O’Sullivan

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Published: 15/03/2019 by HQ Digital
Kindle Edition

He’s watching. She’s waiting.

Having barely escaped the clutches of a serial killer, Claire Moore has struggled to rebuild her life. After her terrifying encounter with the man the media dubbed The Blackout Killer, she became an overnight celebrity: a symbol of hope and survival in the face of pure evil. And then the killings stopped.

Now ten years have passed, and Claire remains traumatised by her brush with death. Though she has a loving and supportive family around her, what happened that night continues to haunt her still.

Just when things are starting to improve, there is a power cut; a house fire; another victim found killed in the same way as before.

The Blackout Killer is back. And he’s coming for Claire . . .


First things first guys. Let’s start with the cover. Would you just take a good look at this beautifully designed book? How eye catching, right? A bit creepy and chilling? Sometimes you can tell that the book will be fabulous just by looking at it.

Being a big fan of serial killer topic, this book swallowed me up within few pages. That feeling of getting into head of serial killer is unbelievable. You can’t quite get why psycho acts like a psycho, why he kills the way he does, but it’s interesting to at least try. I mean some parts were quite disgusting to read even without images flashing in front of you (which by the way is pretty impossible to avoid). Great ‘baddie’ character. 👌🏼

Poor Clare can’t move on from what happened to her 10 years ago. She lost husband, home, freedom. All in just that one night. You can, without a doubt, feel for her, the trauma she is dealing with (or trying to) is scary. I mean, could you get over something like this? Could you get over escaping death by serial killer with mutilated body and mind? When similar style killing happens again, all memories come back even more vividly. Is it the same man or a copycat? Is he going to come back for her and finish off what he started? Clare is freaked out and you will be with her.

Well done Darren O’Sullivan for creating this realistic, scary and creepy novel. Each goosebump and every held breath was definitely worth it.

If you haven’t heard about this author yet (that’s if you’ve been living in a cave 😜), don’t wait and pre-order this beauty now. Check out also Darren’s other novels, they are fabulous!


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