Book Review: Silent Scream, Evil Games, Lost Girls by Angela Marsons

I’m reading this series faster than I can write reviews 🙂 So I’ve decided to do a triple review post instead, as there will be more books of this series coming up in the next few weeks.


Even the darkest secrets can’t stay buried forever…
Five figures gather round a shallow grave. They had all taken turns to dig. An adult sized hole would have taken longer. An innocent life had been taken but the pact had been made. Their secrets would be buried, bound in blood …
Years later, a headmistress is found brutally strangled, the first in a spate of gruesome murders which shock the Black Country.
But when human remains are discovered at a former children’s home, disturbing secrets are also unearthed. D.I. Kim Stone fast realises she’s on the hunt for a twisted individual whose killing spree spans decades.
As the body count rises, Kim needs to stop the murderer before they strike again. But to catch the killer, can Kim confront the demons of her own past before it’s too late?

Let me begin with admitting, I am not the biggest fan of crime thrillers. Or I wasn’t until I met DI Kim Stone. All the police procedures and gruesome scenes of murders were never really for me. I’m more of psychological thriller kind of girl so this series have managed to really surprise me so far. Silent Scream was perfect introduction to this series, that invisible hand grabs you tight and pulls you right in. You become a victim of Angela Marsons and her genius addictive story telling. As soon as you finish one book, you will need to read another one and you know what? Go for it, get your DI Kim Stone fix, it feels so good…

Kim Stone has quickly become one of my all time favourite characters. Cold on the outside, keeps others at arms length, with past full of secrets so dark you sometimes wish you didn’t uncover. With the first look into her past, you start to understand her but there is so much more to come. She is such a brave and tough character you can’t help to love her and root for her. Her stubbornness gets her into trouble but helps her solve what seems to be unsolvable cases.


The greater the Evil, the more deadly the game…
When a rapist is found mutilated in a brutal attack, Detective Kim Stone and her team are called in to bring a swift resolution. But, as more vengeful killings come to light, it soon becomes clear that there is someone far more sinister at work.
With the investigation quickly gathering momentum, Kim finds herself exposed to great danger and in the sights of a lethal individual undertaking their own twisted experiment.
Up against a sociopath who seems to know her every weakness, for Detective Stone, each move she makes could be deadly. As the body count starts to mount, Kim will have to dig deeper than ever before to stop the killing. And this time – it’s personal.

I really tried to read something else in between books in this series, but you just get such serious book hangover, you can’t help yourself. It’s like an addiction, you are either reading these books or thinking about reading them. So it didn’t take long at all and I just had to pick the second one of this series. Now I can tell, that the first book was just a teaser for what is yet to come. Evil Games just blew my mind. The best part of these books (well apart from great strong characters) is how an author manages to tie all loose ends and leaves you speechless. I know what you think, that’s what everyone says. Well maybe you haven’t read anything from brilliant, sick and twisted mind of this author yet (#sorry) 😝 This book is all about mind control and trust me your mind will be spinning like mad.


Two girls go missing. Only one will return.
The couple that offers the highest amount will see their daughter again. The losing couple will not. Make no mistake. One child will die.
When nine-year-old best friends Charlie and Amy disappear, two families are plunged into a living nightmare. A text message confirms the unthinkable; that the girls are the victims of a terrifying kidnapping.
And when a second text message pits the two families against each other for the life of their children, the clock starts ticking for D.I. Kim Stone and the squad.
Seemingly outwitted at every turn, as they uncover a trail of bodies, Stone realises that these ruthless killers might be the most deadly she has ever faced. And that their chances of bringing the girls home alive, are getting smaller by the hour…
Untangling a dark web of secrets from the families’ past might hold the key to solving this case. But can Kim stay alive long enough to do so? Or will someone’s child pay the ultimate price?

Book 3, yay! Picking up another book of this series, feels like coming home. Well if your home is this terrible scary dungeon, full of sick people doing terrible things to you 🙈 But I love it now. I can’t believe this disgusting and gruesome stuff was ever putting me off reading this type of books. It’s freaking amazing right? Well if it’s not happening to you I guess. The problem is, it feels a bit too real sometimes.

Kim Stone you are one badass character. We are getting to know you more by now and there is not one thing I don’t like about you. Actually, I will say it, it’s time. You have become my ultimate book girl crush 😁

This book was definitely the most emotionally draining out of three books. Difficult topic and worries throughout the whole book has definitely taken it’s toll on me. I’m so exhausted, it was just so unbelievably good and terrible at the same time. Guess what? I can not wait to pick up another one already!

7 of these amazing books are still ahead of me and I’m already thinking what will I do when I read the last? How will I be able to wait for another one? Scary thoughts!
Have you read any books of this series? What are your thoughts?

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