Book Review: The Rules of Seeing by Joe Heap

Published: 09/08/2018
417 pages
Kindle Edition

The Rules of Seeing follows the lives of two women whose paths cross at a time when they need each other most. Nova, an interpreter for the Metropolitan police, has been blind from birth. When she undergoes surgery to restore her sight her journey is just beginning – she now has to face a world in full colour for the first time. Kate, a successful architect and wife to Tony, is in hospital after a blow to the head. There, she meets Nova and what starts as a beautiful friendship soon turns into something more.


Simply incredible!

Have you ever wondered what would it be like to learn to see? Never? Me neither. If you had an option to see after years of ‘darkness’ would you take it? Yes? Are you certain? This fantastic book will ask you the same questions and more. Nothing is just black and white, decision to see or not see is not as easy. Could being blind be sometimes easier than to see? I would never think so but after this book my mind is certainly open to all possibilities.

Nova is given option to see. Blind from the day she was born, she doesn’t anticipate what a hard journey it can be to learn to see and you will struggle with her.

Kate is tackling her own obstacles. After head injury, trauma she suffered brings suffocating blindness to her life and she also has to make decisions that will change her life.

They meet in the right time, when they both stand on crossroads and need someone to guide them.

Unbelievably good book. I read for pleasure, for story to take me away from reality but on some rare occasions I also take more from the story than just the experience, the thrill. This book is life-changing in so many ways. It definitely changes the way you see the world. The objects are not the same, darkness is not the same, even looking at the moon or street lamps is different now. If I was a writer, I would be so jealous I didn’t write it. 😜 Just FANTASTIC.


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