Book Review: The Carrero Contract – Amending Agreements by L.T.Marshall

*Please note this review will contain spoilers if you haven’t read The Carrero Contract – Selling Your Soul*

Published: 30/09/2018
420 pages
Format: Kindle Edition

Camilla Walters finds herself on the outside of Alexi Carrero’s world after he sets her loose. Following a dramatic end to their roller coaster relationship and is trying to start over again.
She’s healing, wounded and low, but with determination to get back on her feet as fast as she can.
Fate takes a turn one awful night, and leads her straight back to the door of the people she swore never to rely on again, pulling her back into the world she had run away from. The Carrero world and the man who broke her.
Like magnets drawn to one another it is obvious their story is not over yet.
Will Camilla ever be able to forget the past and what he did to make her hate him? Can she ever trust Alexi Carrero?

Oh here we go again! Emotional roller-coaster of epic proportions that only L.T.Marshall can deliver. I read about 100 books a year and I have never ever been this addicted to any other series. I just can’t get enough of Carrero men and all the drama surrounding them 😂

After Book 7 of The Carrero series I was yet again left hanging and waiting, chewing my nails off daily, for Book 8 to follow. No matter how many times I tell myself to wait for complete trilogy, I always fail. How can I wait for all three books when others already know what is going on in Carrero world? Impossible!

I loved how following the events at the end of the Book 7 and Alexi cutting Camilla out of his world, fate or Camilla’s bad luck brings them back together. Under revised conditions of the new drawn contact they start to co-work and co-live in each other’s company and I absolutely love the shift of dynamics in their relationship. Cam starts rebuilding her wall again and learning to be her old self again knowing she now holds some sort of power in this new situation. Alexi starts on the other hand peeling down his wall bit by bit and showing us there is more to him than just psycho, rough and cold side. We can feel their relationship has changed but is it really enough change for them to start trusting each other?

So here I am again, chewing my nails off waiting for yet another book in this series before I lose my mind. How can author leave us hanging with ending like this? Ah well, I better get used to it as each new book seems to have bigger and more tense cliffhangers.

I can’t recommend this series more and L.T.Marshall’s talent to create this new exciting world is undeniable.

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