Book Review: The Party by Lisa Hall

Published: 12/07/2018 by HQ
384 pages
Format: Kindle

It was just a party. But it turned into a nightmare.

When Rachel wakes up in a strange room, the morning after a neighbour’s party, she has no memory of what happened the night before. Why did her husband leave her alone at the party? Did they row? Why are Rachel’s arms so bruised? And why are her neighbours and friends so vague about what really happened?

Little by little, Rachel pieces together the devastating events that took place in a friend’s house, at a party where she should have been safe. Everyone remembers what happened that night differently, and everyone has something to hide. But someone knows the truth about what happened to Rachel. And she’s determined to find them.


The second book I’ve read by Lisa Hall and loved it again! Starting with a beautiful and eye-catching cover only to continue to brilliant and thrilling story you find inside.

I think many of us could relate to that feeling of waking up after the party not sure where you are or what happened. With hardly any recollection of last night’s events, the painful opening of your eyes and throbbing headache tells you, it must have been one great party or maybe ….not so great after all.

It was then Rachel realized something isn’t quite right about how she feels, this isn’t her normal hangover and bruises covering her body only confirm her suspicion that something worse happened last night.

Fighting with secrets surrounding her, people not willing to help or not believing her story, story she doesn’t remember herself. Only small flashbacks coming back to her but are they real or just made up by stories of events others give her? Why nothing others tell her adds up and who is out there trying to hurt her some more?

Once I started this book, I couldn’t put it down. It was well written and so engaging, mainly as the story can so easily happen to anyone who can just overdo it with alcohol or has their drink spiked. How real it could be is what is so chilling about this book and it definitely worked for me.

I still have one more book by this author to read but I hope there will be more to come in the future.


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