Book Review: The Perfect Husband by Buffy Andrews

Published 04/06/2018 by HQ Digital
Format: Kindle

He was the perfect husband. Until he wasn’t.

When Shelly’s marriage ends in divorce, she’s left completely devastated and feeling like she’s never going to find love again.

Until she meets Eric.

Shelly can’t believe her luck. The first person she meets after (reluctantly) joining online dating, and he’s handsome, caring, everything she ever wanted and more. From romantic dates to expensive gifts, it’s as if she’s in a dream.

But just when Shelly thinks she’s finally found her happily ever after, she begins to realize that all is not as it seems. As the cracks start to develop, perhaps Eric isn’t the perfect man she thought he was. Will her dream become a nightmare?

cover140467-medium.pngOne of the fastest books I’ve ever read!!!

Shelly finds The One after losing all hope that she will ever love or will be loved again. Eric is the perfect match for her, caring, sweet and attentive and their relationship takes a fast course and gets serious pretty quickly. When you know, you know, right?

But what if someone you love and trust uses your insecurities and weaknesses to manipulate you and control you? How do you begin to trust in yourself again, how do you get up from rock bottom and fight to escape?

Exhilarating relate-able story will make you feel so close to the main character. You want to help her, you want to warn her, advice her but you know you can’t, so you just watch as she’s heading to the dark future in hands of tyrant.

I found this book a very easy read with a very tough topic. I flew through it in matter of hours and at the end felt like part of me was missing. It was over much sooner than I would like and I think the story would really benefit from more pages and a bit more volume to it. However I would still recommend it as I really enjoyed it and it would make a great fast read for people who don’t like to spend days or months reading a book.


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