Why do we bother? ‘Amazon fail’

That day you realise that you voice or opinion doesn’t matter anymore!

I think most of us heard by now about Amazon ‘playing their own game’ and removing customer reviews and using their poor review policy to back it up!

So today I’ve read an article that opened my eyes even more to the dirty game they are playing and something seriously needs to be done and people need to speak up.

Check it for yourself here.

Share you thoughts on this and use #giveusbackourreviews

11 thoughts on “Why do we bother? ‘Amazon fail’

  1. Aisa

    I recently discovered a new music artist, not well known in the west and purchased 4 MP3 singles from Amazon. As an enthusiastic FAN I also followed their public social media accounts and joined a Facebook FAN club. I tried to leave reviews on the MP3s and I was blocked by Amazon who alleged I was connected to the artist. So potentially now music fans and artists are caught by Amazon’s ridiculous big brother algorithms. The kicker here is that I don’t use the same name or email address across Amazon or ANY social media accounts. Each account has a different email address at a different domain. So exactly HOW are Amazon making their (wrong) determination that an enthusiastic fan is “connected” to an artist. Are they mining social media information from cookies? To be clear, the reviews were genuine reviews of verified Amazon purchases. The artist is from Asia, I am in the UK and I (nor any of my family) have never met or corresponded with him (I wish!!) or any of his agents or family.

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    1. It’s scary how much information Amazon holds to be honest. I think they can link you even through your name registered on your card you are paying from. I’m not sure how they get all the information. I unfollowed all authors now on amazon I wanted to receive regular updates on their books as I enjoyed reading their work. But Amazon will lose sales this way too so I’m not sure how that helps them at all. I don’t even want to follow anyone on social media as they can easily track that… Which they shouldn’t be able to anyway… Who I like or follow or on who’s posts I comment or speak to is my personal thing.. I don’t have any closer relationship with any authors, its just ridiculous. Next time someone asks me who my favorite author is, I’ll say.. Sorry can’t say in case Amazon is listening


  2. bookwormscornerblogspot

    I am hoping to find a way to resolve this issue (Both Amazon and Audible) but I am also really upset and furious because every review that I have ever left for anything (that’s over years, and was hours of typing) I am completely shocked and have been completely stonewalled by Amazon and Audible when I spoke to them via their chat facility and then through a callback. We cannot contact the people that deal with this but we can sit around for 48 hours on the off chance that they do as I have been promised and email me .

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    1. I think the actions they are taking are ridiculous. They can’t explain in most of the cases why they blocked people or deleted their reviews and using their biased relationship with authors as an excuse. I don’t know any authors and if I decide to follow them on amazon, goodreads or social media it’s because I enjoyed their book/s and want to know when new one comes out. I read a lot of titles by new coming authors and indie authors and these actions affect them a lot more as it’s not their name that is selling the book, but their reviews they receive from readers and bloggers. It’s making me furious that they still don’t have any reasonable procedure to follow when something happens and it’s impossible to resolve anything.


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  4. I’ve heard it’s happening to a lot of people, not just authors or people associated with the writing community. Years worth of reviews just disappearing out of the blue… I’ll admit, I love using Amazon for both book-related and non-book-related stuff. I use Prime Video almost daily (I even have extra channel subscriptions that I pay monthly for), listen to Prime music, and buy a ton of stuff from there (like regular household stuff because with kids, it’s so convenient not having to go to the store!). I also use my Kindle daily, of course, and have a Kindle unlimited subscription. I even buy a lot of print books from Amazon because they’re so much cheaper than B&N or Books-A-Million. But I’ve stopped leaving reviews on the books I read, other than the ones I actually bought directly from them (and I’m not banking on even those reviews sticking around long). I think it’s terrible what they’re doing to their review system! Between that and what they’ve done to Goodreads, I’m starting to feel ashamed of how much I rely on Amazon, and might have to start looking into other options.

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    1. I used to use Amazon a lot more but now its mostly just for books. It’s very convenient and that’s main reason people rely on it so much. I think we would benefit from new company that would try and compete with them. Might be a lost fight though. They are a bit too big to take on I guess.

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    2. I think competition is always a good thing! It would be nice to have options. Although I agree that it would be a massive undertaking, especially in the ebook and e-reader market, where they have such a huge advantage over new up-and-coming companies. I guess only time will tell…

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