C’mon! Put on your positive pants!

Suffocating with all the negativity around me at the moment! We all love occasional moan or rant and I’m no different but I learnt over time that with big fat grin on your face and happy attitude, world is a lot brighter place!

cheerful close up coffee cup

I wake up every morning and welcome every day with a smile. Some days it is genuine, some days it’s forced but nevertheless, it’s a smile and it’s only way I’m willing to take my first steps towards the brand new day.

I feel incredibly lucky with life I have and I try to remind myself as often as I remember. I might not have a lot of money or possessions, I also have to deal with problems at home or at work. Not everything works out always the way I plan but I work with what I have and I am grateful for it all.

There is so many people that have real reasons to be negative, people fighting with life every day, trying to get over anything life threw at them and they still can smile and I believe positive thoughts are what gets them through even the hardest times.

attention caution danger forbidden

So why does it seem to be harder to fight negative people and their attitude every day?

Not sure how did this happen but for whatever reason I woke up one day and found myself around so many ‘unhappy’ people. Unhappy with everything, their life, their relationships, their jobs, even what they eat or wear and not unhappy because they are having the worst luck in the world or have no support network. Unhappy because they can’t see anything good in people or things around them. People whose glass is always half empty and never half full. Pessimists all around.


So although my second name isn’t SELFISH, sometimes the only way to stay in your happy bubble is to remove yourself from negative cloud some people might create around you or remove negative people from your circles if possible. So my dear so called ‘friends’ and acquaintances if you happen to lose contact with me, you will have another thing to moan about because I need more happiness in my life and sometimes it’s easier to say ‘Ciao! Bye!’.

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