Book Review: Crossing Lex by Debby Caruso

Published: 02/08/2017

739 pages

Format: Kindle

It’s 1999 and Danielle is living the dream: working in New York City, creating a brand-new life for herself, and looking for romance. On the cusp of finding just what she’s always dreamed of, memories of past trauma threaten to interfere with what may be the love story of a lifetime.
As she moves forward, she will have to decide if she is defined by her past, doomed by her past, or perhaps made better because of it.


The Book that changed me and I will never forget it!

The book I’ve picked for this challenge: 10. Read a book set in your favourite holiday destination was Crossing Lex set in New York City, place that stole my heart not long ago and became my favourite place on Earth. After quickly scanning the blurb and obviously yet another recommendation by Megs (I know she loves little shout out on here 😜), I’ve decided to give this book a try and not only I enjoyed it, I loved it so much it climbed into probably my top 5 reads ever!

Danielle has moved to New York City to start a new life, to leave her past behind and build her new future in totally different place to her hometown. But her past will haunt her until she makes her own peace with it, which isn’t as simple in her case. Luckily or based on fate, she has the best friends that can help her to get through nearly everything and a man, fate or God sends to cross her life and change it forever. When she doesn’t believe she can move on and be in real relationship, it only takes that one person to change it all…but only if she has it in herself to finally deal with her past.

If you are looking for a book that will give you all possible emotions, book that will make you think, give you hope, show you forgiveness and love, so much love, you just found it. I can guarantee you will meet your ultimate book crush and carry him in your heart forever.

Writing a review for this book is one of the most difficult ones I’ve ever written. There is so much I would love to say or write, just to make you all read it. For the sake of the story and to make sure you enjoy it as much as this book deserves, this is as much I will say without giving anything away and ruining the plot.

Crossing Lex is heartbreaking story so well written you won’t even notice it’s 700+ pages long so don’t be scared. You will enjoy every page and will wish for more when it ends. It left me with serious book hangover and I will treasure this story in my heart and mind forever. My one piece of advice to you would be, keep tissues near by, you are going to need them!

This book is just few clicks away on Amazon, waiting for you to experience it 🙂


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