Book Review: The Healer’s Secret by Helen Pryke

Published: 15/11/2017
Publisher: Pink Quill Books
207 pages
Format: Kindle

Jennifer’s life isn’t going as she planned. Fired from her job and on the brink of divorce at thirty-one, her only salvation lies at the bottom of a wine bottle. When her mother insists she get away from everything, she reluctantly agrees to explore her Italian roots in Tuscany.

Staying in her family’s centuries-old cottage, she becomes embroiled in a mysterious tragedy involving her great-grandmother no-one wants to talk about. As she delves further into her ancestors’ history, she discovers there is more to her heritage than meets the eye.

Ghosts from the past could give Jennifer something she thought she’d never have: a future. But that depends on whether she can resist temptation and avoid slipping back into her old ways.

Will she be able to conquer her inner demons and discover the healer’s secret?

51iR7em1KnL.jpgThe Healer’s Secret, the book that takes you for a trip to Italy while discovering secrets hidden in the past of broken Italian family.

Jennifer is going through hell in her personal life, after shattered marriage, miscarriages, alcohol problem, she doesn’t see the light in her future. She isn’t sure she can ever get out of her drinking habit that is not only hurting herself but also people around, mostly her mother.

It’s her mother that suggests, she takes a break and moves to Italy, where the house of her great grandmother lays abandoned and might need a bit of care and love, place where she can find the missing pieces of herself and maybe rebuild her life and her future again. The house is known for it’s magic and even if Jennifer doesn’t believe it can heal her, she agrees and decides it can’t hurt to take a little break from her currently destroyed life.

Getting to know her family in Italy, getting close to them, discovering more of the family’s past, it all makes Jennifer as part of something new and makes her feel welcome and at home. She finds passion in gardening and it all leads to discovering more magic and secrets hidden in their family.

I loved the story, the feeling this book gave me, like I was reading it in the sunset on the veranda in Italy and sipping on sweet wine I could literally taste just through the pages. Jennifer’s character developed and grew throughout the book as she fought her demons.  It was interesting story that touched different and sometimes very difficult to write about topics and ways to deal with them. I think many people can find something they can take away from this book with them and remember. I can definitely recommend it!!

If you like the sound of The Healer’s Secret by Helen Pryke you can purchase it here and it’s also currently free on Amazon Kindle Unlimited.


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