Happily ever after


I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I stumbled upon this picture earlier today. It’s perfect day to stop and think and evaluate what we have as today my partner and me are ‘celebrating’ our 10 year anniversary (WHOOP WHOOP) and somehow this picture sums it up. I’m not sure he would agree, but then…he is not here to complain or say ‘Stop being so soppy woman’. 😜

Don’t assume I am sort of person who believes in fairy tales, I’m no Disney princess and he is no prince, more like a frog 🐸 🀣. But no, seriously, I’m not the most romantic person who loves being showered with gifts and flowers (I actually find them highly suspicious πŸ€”), I don’t need some big flashy surprises. I might tell him 100 times a day I love him and don’t hear it back once and I learned to accept that. We both are different and we both found a way over the years to function together, help each other, annoy each other to the point of fight and then step back before hell emerges πŸ˜‚

We are a team! We respect each other, I respect his stubbornness and he respects my anger outbursts (especially when he doesn’t listen, but that’s a common trait in men). We still make each other teas and hot water bottles when we are sick, he still tucks me in bed like a child when I’m poorly. He leaves clothes laying around and I pick them up, I buy hundreds of books and he stopped counting. It’s all about balance and respect. I’m not saying I know it all, nor that everything is always bright and happy in our relationship. We have stumbled across many obstacles, with some we dealt better, with some not so much. But overall I think we are doing fairly well.

We still laugh at our inside jokes, which noone would get. We laugh a lot, as mad as he makes me, I always try to remember how much we laugh together and even if we are so different, we are also so right for each other.

No matter what will future bring, we won’t give up on US (I hope) and will smooth what was creased and fix what was broken, we will laugh and cry but still TOGETHER. We will have our HAPPILY EVER AFTER.


11 thoughts on “Happily ever after

  1. A late happy anniversary to you!
    I love this, it’s so true big flashy gifts aren’t necessary but the suspicion of flowers and gifts πŸ˜‚ I do the same thing! “Aww these are so beautiful….what did you do!” Even to the lack of response to I love you, but you know they do. Mine says it at the most random times and I have to remind myself to not get all excited like a school girl πŸ˜‚ I wish you an eternity of happiness together, and a second one after that.

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