Book Review: A Murder of Magpies by MARK EDWARDS

Published: 27/02/2018 by Amazon Publishing

93 pages

Format: Kindle



The terrifying sequel to the #1 bestseller The Magpies.

Five years ago Jamie Knight lost everything: his home, his wife and their unborn child. But at least the woman responsible, ‘Dark Angel’ Lucy Newton, was in prison, and slowly Jamie was able to rebuild his life.

But now Lucy has been freed on appeal, and before long Jamie receives a message from a desperate stranger. Lucy is up to her old tricks—ruining lives for fun.

Jamie agrees to help. But once again, he has no idea what he is getting himself into…


Mark Edwards has done it again. I am massive fan of his work and The Magpies, which has been published few years ago, is one of my favourite books by him. I’ve read it only few months ago, but have been recommending it to everyone ever since. It’s one of the books that stay with you and you keep thinking about it a lot afterwards.

A Murder of Magpies follows story of Lucy, Jamie and Kirsty after 5 years. Jamie has lost everything five years ago, his wife, child, home,… He is now turning the page and trying to start his new life in Australia, far away from his past, from people that know him and his story. Meanwhile Kirsty has built her new life from nothing without Jamie, put her past to rest and focused on her future. Lucy has been released from prison, wrote a book, her ‘fame’ has finally died down and she seemed to disappear from public eye and havent been heard of. They all have gone their own separate ways but are all about to be reunited and it will not be a friendly catch up.

I love how author managed to squeeze so much of the story, so much terror, suspense in this short sequel. It was fast pacing but lasted long enough to not only remind us what has happened in the past, but uncover some new information. I was always wondering and I believe many of the readers were thinking the same, what has happened after and now we have the answer. I loved it, I felt like a piece of jigsaw has been missing for years and now it’s been put in the place. I don’t like revealing too much in my short reviews, even if I really really want to but the ending had me debating… what would I do? Would I prefer different ending? Would I like another book? And I know, yet again I will be thinking about this book for very long time.

The worst part about A Murder of Magpies is that it’s now over, all that anticipation and excitement before it got delivered to my Kindle, reading it in one go…. But the good news is, not long now and Mark Edwards new thriller (possibly the best ever) The Retreat is out in few months and I can’t explain how excited that makes me feel.

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About Mark Edwards


I write psychological thrillers. My influences include writers such as Stephen King, Ira Levin, Ruth Rendell, Ian McEwan, Val McDermid and Donna Tartt and movies like Rosemary’s Baby, Single White Female, Fatal Attraction and anything in which scary things happen to ordinary people.

If you wish to follow Mark’s writing journey or would like to get in touch, you can contact him through his website, Facebook or Twitter.

I can’t recommend Mark Edwards’s books enough so check them out and treat yourself, they are worth it:

The Devil’s work (2016)

Follow you home (2015)

Because she loves me (2014)

What you wish for (2014)

The Magpies (2013)

A Murder of Magpies (2018)

The Lucky Ones (2017)

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