If I were a cheese…

OMG!!! This must be one of the weirdest but funniest conversations I’ve had with my colleagues! Maybe EVER! Too good not to share!

‘You are so settled, so organized and have your plans for the future. So mature, you could be a mature cheddar!’

‘Am I just being compared to cheese?’ Thinking about it, I guess I could be a cheddar, I am pretty mature, not old or aged, alright? Just mature. ‘Ok, so what cheese would you be?’

‘Cheese strings!’ She actually answered without second of hesitation. She has thought about this before, I’m sure.

At this point, I burst out laughing, totally unable to do anything just laughing about her comparing herself to cheese strings. Why, oh why cheese strings? Out of all cheesy cheese options, she has gone for cheese strings… Mind blowing 🤦🏼‍♀️

I will never find out why, moment has passed and I never asked as I was laughing so hard. But in my profesion, any new topic for conversation starter is very appreciated. Maybe not a small talk topic with just anyone, as asking someone what kind of cheese would they be might sound just slightly odd but conversation starter with people you know a bit, it definitely is.


So I’ve been asking since then and found few stiltons, fair amount of cheddars (some mild, some mature), soft and flavoursome brie and camembert, couple of bland mozzarellas. I’m still in search of some more, noone has compared themselves to parmesan (who would admit to smell like feet, right?) for example or Philadelphia (probably too soft).

Who knew cheese can tell you so much about a person… It’s like world is just one big cheese board, some tough, some soft, some tastless or smelly 🤣 some of us go well with fruit, chutney, some just on their own but we all go well with WINE 👌

I love cheese…

So ‘If you were a cheese…’

giphy (16)

PS: They say: You are what you eat!

11 thoughts on “If I were a cheese…

  1. Now you have me thinking how she could relate herself to cheese strings, and how on earth she came up with that answer so quickly. I’ve been sat here five minutes and can’t think of any cheese I relate to. Cheese’s I like but none that scream out ME!

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