The Power of Magnet Head

Just one of my pointless and totally unimportant observations… Read with open mind!

You know when one of the those weird things happen that make us feel universe listens, like when you really wish for something and it comes to you. Some things you can’t explain, I guess, but always wonder if there is a deeper reason or some power that makes things happen?

Magnet Head, the term one of my friends, Rachel, used when asking me: ‘Does it ever happen to you? You don’t see someone for months or years. You hardly think of that person for long long period of time and then you think of them, or someone mentions them to you and within the same day (or sometimes even the same hour) you happen to bump into them, or they walk into your place of work.’ I am not sure, I would connect the term Magnet Head with this experience, but it does make sense actually.

So today I experienced yet another Magnet Head moment and I don’t know why but it still kind of freaks me out every time. It’s odd, might just be a coincidence but I can’t help to think, it’s just some sort of universe responding to our thoughts, maybe?

giphy (12)


Before I’ve attempted to type this blog post, I thought I would Google the term Magnet Head and hope, just hope, this wasn’t some sort of common used phrase, I wasn’t aware of.

The closest thing to definition of Magnet head I found on and I would love to say, Rachel you have invented new meaning for this term and it definetly makes more sense than actual definition of magnet head I’ve been able to find.

An intoxicated person whose head has apparently become attracted to metal objects. Characteristics of a magnet head include stumbling into and/or leaning towards roller shutters, parked cars, lampposts or any other metal objects within a five to ten foot radius, usually leading with the head or face. Magnet heads are most commonly found alone, roaming the streets late at night having been abandoned by friends or ejected from a party.

I definitely prefer Rachel’s definition of magnet head and I really hope it works. More research is probably required, more information gathered to support this case but I believe we are not alone with Rachel, who experienced this.

So now, I would really love to know some more about this occurrence. Any extra information, any suggestions or ideas would be really appreciated. As if we crack this guys, we can just wish for anything surely and it will happen? 🙂

I will just in case keep sending those vibes out there and see what happens meanwhile…

giphy (13).gif

PS: Don’t take me too seriously, any funny responses are welcomed 🙂

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